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Introduction of 25” Tri-mode Monitor by Makvision Inc.

The new 25" Tri-Mode Monitor (3M25) was first introduced at the ASI 2006 show in Chicago.

Makvision Inc., a well established supplier of quality Video Display monitors, is pleased to announce its introduction of the new 25" Tri-Mode Monitor for the amusement industry.

"To address the special needs of the industry, Makvision Inc. has, over the past six months, completed extensive research to develop this new monitor which has specially designed components, sourced from various parts of the World." stated Andre Mak, Chair and CEO.

"The new 25" Tri-Mode Monitor (3M25) was first introduced at the ASI 2006 show in Chicago. This product is in response to the huge replacement and retrofit market demand in the industry. The new design will not only serve as a direct replacement for the old 25V CGA/EGA monitors, but will also create a brand new market for retrofitting old amusement cabinets with new, high resolution, PC based games." John Cierpik, Vice President, Marketing and Sales indicated.

Under a recently signed special agreement, Makvision Inc. is pleased to announce that MAZZCO Products, a Division of Lieberman Companies Inc., has already committed to purchase the first 6 months of production for distribution to the amusement industry.

Concurrent to the new Tri-Mode Monitor, Makvision also brings in a new version of the 25" CGA monitor which is ideal for game manufacturers as well as the replacement market.

In response to the high end games, another new product being introduced is Makvision’s 27V flat, digital XGA monitor. This top of the line monitor uses superior grade components including a true flat computer type, 0.6dpp CRT. With a dual, dynamic focus and digitally controlled PCB board this monitor produces an LCD-like image answering the needs of the most discriminating amusement machine builders, allowing them to take full advantage of newest, most powerful video processors and graphic design.

In the arena of LCD’s, Makvision offers a full range of cost effective open frame LCD panels in sizes from 10" to 42". All LCD panels are complete with video or CGA signal input options. In addition, Makvision also offers custom configured "smart" LCD panels with embedded PC providing most contemporary solutions to retail, advertising and digital signage markets for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Like the amusement industry, Makvision Inc. has evolved significantly over the past year. In addition to major personnel changes, early in 2005, Makvision moved its manufacturing facilities from Waterloo to Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Mississauga is the sixth largest city in Canada, located just adjacent to the west side of Toronto.

In consideration of the scale of economy, Makvision has also established production in the Far East in order to provide its customers with the most cost effective and quality video display monitors. To better serve the amusement industry, Makvision is currently planning to open warehouse and distribution centers in the US in Q4 of 2006.

Over the past year, the amusement industry has experienced a significant change in players. With the unclear intentions of some manufacturers it is very essential to have a stable and committed provider of quality monitors like Makvision to serve the industry in North America.

From a high level of standardization and fine workmanship to quality components, Makvision provides a full range of superior monitors for the amusement industry and is committed to introduce new products to fulfill the needs of the market for today and tomorrow.

For more information about Makvision Inc. and its products, please call John Cierpik, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, toll free 1-866-638-6868 or visit our website at www.makvision.com
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